The Leather Anniversary Gift Your Spouse Will Love!

Leather Anniversary Gift

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

If you’re reading this post, your 3rd wedding anniversary must be coming up. Congratulations!  Did you know: the 3rd anniversary is traditionally associated with leather?  Yup, that’s why they call it the “Leather Anniversary“.

3rd wedding anniversary gift

Whether you are celebrating your first month of dating or your tenth year of marriage, anniversaries are an occasion that you do not want to forget. Truth be told, anniversary gifts’ buying is quite a daunting experience no matter what sex you are!

Is your 3rd wedding anniversary date closing in soon and you can’t stop wondering “What exactly do I get my spouse this year?” If you are looking for the perfect gift to honor the milestone of your 3rd anniversary for your spouse, you are in the right place.

The 3rd anniversary is often the time when couples are aware of their strongholds and the durability of their relationship. That is why, according to the “official” list of anniversary gifts, the third wedding anniversary (from a traditional perspective) calls for leather anniversary gifts or (from a modern perspective) glass/crystal gifts.

If you are the traditional type and still believe in the “Old is Gold” adage like me, then you will choose a unique leather gift over a glass/crystal gift any day.  C’mon, glass/crystal is boring!  It’s your 3rd wedding anniversary, not your 30th…  buy a gift you know your spouse will use, love and have fun with.

While you may be uncertain about how to proceed, simply putting a little thought into your special event will go a long way to help you pick the perfect leather anniversary gift for him/her that will show them you care not only, on your third year anniversary but also in the years to come.

That said, I know that most of us do not have a clue how to narrow down a gift to buy, so we require a few gift ideas. Here are some leather anniversary gift ideas from Isle of Vintage. Give your better half a truly special leather gift on your 3rd wedding anniversary:

Leather Anniversary Gifts for Her

To start off, For a guy, you want to get her that perfect gift that reflects her style and your relationship rather than the traditional flowers or chocolates and signed card – no matter how delicious, trust me that just won’t cut it.

For you guys, on your third anniversary this year, give her something that will surprise her and remind her that you really do pay attention to those quirky things she likes. Simply, make her say “Yes” all over again. After all, be sure that she will be spoiling you too.

Leather Camera Bag

leather anniversary gifts for her - leather camera bag

If she is into photography, buy her that camera she has been hinting at and/or get a leather camera bag.  This bag is so popular!  It also makes for a great leather purse or travel bag.

Leather Gypsy Bag

handmade leather gypsy bag - leather anniversary gift

If your girl has a more hobo/gypsy style to her outfits, you must get her this leather gypsy bag!  Also known as a “saddle bag”, this is just too cute!

Leather Backpack

leather anniversary gift - leather backpack

Does your wife tend to carry books and/or a laptop with her?  This handmade leather backpack is perfect for students or office workers.  It’s a great alternative to the boring and bulky laptop backpacks you find in the chain stores.  Get her a laptop backpack which has a rustic and vintage style to it.


Leather Anniversary Gifts for Him

Unfortunately, for women shoppers, it’s a whole other ballgame. Hopefully, you want to get him a thoughtful 3rd anniversary gift that is unique without being totally random, something romantic but not corny. Sounds tricky, right? I know it’s tempting to get him something you know he really needs, but it is always best to go with something you know he really wants and he will love.

Since the third year anniversary revolves around leather. This makes it quite convenient for us. You must admit there is something intrinsically masculine about rich deep leather. Think about libraries, clubhouses, smoking rooms adorned with elegant leather chairs and accessories. Leather as a material is warm, durable, flexible, and has a strong resiliency. Notice that all these qualities help a marriage thrive? Perfect material for an anniversary gift right!

Spoil your man on your third anniversary; get him something that will hit the mark and check off all those boxes.

There are plenty of cool leather gifts you can select for your man but if you want that unique and perfect gift for your spouse, you don’t want “just a cool gift” do you? You want a gift that stands out, a gift that expresses exactly what you feel right?

Leather Duffle Bag

handmade leather duffle bag victoria bc

If you want to go with something masculine, practical and stylish, a handmade leather duffle bag is what you should definitely go for!  Trust me, a handmade leather anniversary gift will have your spouse raving about how much they love it.

Leather Satchel

leather anniversary gifts for him - leather satchel

For the guy in your life who could use a leather bag both in the office and casually around town, the handmade leather satchel is the way to go.

Leather Messenger

gift for 3rd anniversary - leather messenger bag

If you’re man has more of a spontaneous nature, he won’t be into the buckles of the leather satchel.  Instead, surprise him with a handcrafted leather messenger bag.  It’s convenient front flap allows him to lift it, toss in his crap and off he goes!

Black Leather Satchel

Black Leather Satchel - leather anniversary gifts for him

You’re husband has more refined tastes?  If he loves to stand out professionally, buy this black leather briefcase.  He’ll be the envy of his coworkers and boss!  This bag tends to give off a look of authority and confidence.


St. Augustine said “The world is a book and he who does not travel reads only one page”.  How about settling on a couple leather travel bags before setting off on a vacation together?  How romantic is that?!

Make your spouse fall in love with you all over again with a thoughtful leather anniversary gift. With it’s your 3rd wedding anniversary, birthday or Christmas, you can never go wrong with leather. ♥

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